Machine Translation

Do you use Machine Translation?

Free online translation tools are becoming increasingly popular. They help us to understand foreign-language texts quickly and easily. But especially the better ones of these programs have their pitfalls. Seemingly correct sounding translations are often peppered with errors, the content is distorted or completely misrepresented. When translating, many factors must be taken into account that go far beyond the purely linguistic; in this case, the human mind cannot yet be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Do not save at the wrong place! An erroneous text has consequences and costs you more than twice as much in the end. It only makes sense in a few cases to correct a machine-translated text, usually the correction effort is so high due to the poor quality that a new translation has to be produced.

Professional translators work with so-called CAT tools, i.e. computer-aided translation programs that enable fast and accurate work and thus make high-quality translations affordable.

In case of doubt please contact us. Of course, AbraPalabra also guarantees honesty and transparency in this case, so that you achieve the best possible solucion.