about abrapalabra

Who is behind AbraPalabra? As founder and managing director I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Alexandra Rohrhofer, I was born and raised in Vienna.

From 2004 to 2006 I studied Portuguese and Spanish at the University of Vienna.

From 2006 I lived in Barcelona, where I got to know the Spanish/Catalan culture as well as the way of life and peculiarities of people from all over Latin America. After several trips to Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay I finally moved to Santiago de Chile at the end of 2008.

2009 back to Vienna, I dedicated myself to the study of Transcultural Communication, University of Vienna, where I professionalized what I had learned in everyday life.

After my successful graduation as a translator in 2013, I continued my stay in Chile and travelled extensively through Latin America, where I cultivate family and friendly relationships as well as business contacts.

I started my career as a translator and interpreter in 2013. AbraPalabra I founded in 2014. Since then, I have been able to gain many interesting experiences with clients from all over the world, to build up a network of talented and motivated colleagues and partners, and to continuously further my education and specialize.

My work is reflected within the family. In my family we also speak German, Spanish and Portuguese. My life is characterized by experiences with people from all social classes. The fight for social justice, environmental protection and responsible, sustainable economy and politics is my guiding principle both personally and professionally. My vocation is to build bridges, create understanding and bring people together.

I look forward to meeting you soon!